Blocser will be fully loaded with features in 2020. The version in your hand is the MVP - Minimum Viable Product - intended for EARLYBIRDS who want to help Blocser spread in the community - Giving everyone a fighting chance to take part in the gig economy without paying a cut to a platform.

Thank you for your support in this. Please reach out if you have suggestions for the Care team - we work for you and only you :-)

The Care Team
[email protected]

Blocser is created for freelancers, cross-border workers, artists and anyone who doesn't rely on a steady paycheck from a full time job. Create a profile with your skills and links to your social media and be found for gigs today! Use the deal making tool to make deals and find the job you always dreamed of having - maybe on the side, maybe for fun or maybe turn your passion into your day job. What you earn is yours - we take no cut.

Download Blocser in your App Store. Sign up with your phone number, create a profile with your skills as hashtags and links to your social media and you’re good to go. Make real deals people stick to.

You can use Blocser from anywhere in the world. You can make deals with everyone, non-users will receive an SMS with a link to the deal you have made that they have to accept. Not many Blocsers in your area? This means we haven’t rolled out actively in your country yet and you can get all the attention from the first customers.

It’s free! What you earn on Blocser is yours - we take no cut! In the future we will present you with a premium plan, but for now all our services are free.

By verifying your account, you increase the security and your phone number will be connected to the account.

The hashtags on your profile (your virtual business card) are your skills and descriptive words that allow others to understand what you are about. What are you good at and what do you want to offer the Blocser community? Make sure you state your skills so other Blocsers will find you, follow you and hire you. You simply type a word in the textfield and push the (+) icon. You can enter up to 5 hashtags which will be used in search along with your name. It can be: #Plumber #Hairdresser #Designer etc. or you can be creative and make tags related to the name of your shop or company or tags related to your beliefs - whatever makes it you - just keep it clean, please :-)

Your virtual business card (your profile on Blocser) is meant to be interactive. Help people find your public profiles, so they know who you are and will consider hiring you. Copy your social media links straight from a Google search and paste them into the links area when creating your business card. Edit your profile by clicking the edit icon.

Offer you skills and get hired. We are actually here to help you make money and will not take a cut of your earnings. We will screen free portals that will be an addition to Blocser and we will help you to make money from other users on Blocser.

The marketplace on Blocser is where you browse and swipe through other Blocsers’ business cards. Blocsers with ads get more exposure - so go ahead and create an ad with an offer nobody can refuse.

Make real deals people stick to! With the deal making tool you ensure that more work will be done on time to the price agreed upon at the place agreed upon. For the best result - be as specific as possible. Both parties accept the deal - and stick with it. Try it out for yourself.

Your contacts on Blocser are the people you are interested in doing business with. It’s your own personal CRM management tool and you can send notifications and chat with your contacts whenever you have special offers or are interested in what they have to offer you.

To attract clients. Let people know what you offer and at what price. Your ad appears on your profile and you can make it public or for your Blocser contacts only. By making an ad you increase your exposure and will be found more easily by someone who wants to hire someone like you.

You can make a receipt of all your actions you have done on Blocser to use for your accounting. You are solely responsible for reporting what you earn to the tax authorities in your country.

Of course - that is what it is for! All you need to do is:

1. Create the deal on Blocser.

2. Get the other person’s phone number who then will receive a text with a link to the deal they have to accept in order to make the deal valid.

1. Complete your profile (your virtual business card) by stating your skills as hashtags and add your links to your social media or website so that people can see who you are.

2. Invite your contacts to join Blocser - helping the Blocser community grow will help you find customers.

3. Make ads. Make a special offer like ‘’deal of the week” to attract customers. When you make an ad it will appear below your business card and make you stand out.

If you want people to connect with you, chat with you and ultimately hire you, you need to share and spread your virtual business card. Just copy the butterfly link on your card and share it wherever you like - on Facebook, LinkedIn or in your signature in emails. When they click it they will go straight to your new free webpage and get your skills and links

If you are in the same room as the person you want to give the card, you can let them scan your QR code on the back of the Card - you flip it and find it in the lower right corner.

Offer the skills you do best! And keep it clean - we will not tolerate any abusive or illegal activity.

When we have released the global payment feature, the shops will pay a fee to receive your payment and we get a fee from that. Our ambition is to offer extended services with subscription plans.

Click on the burger menu top right corner on Blocser and then click settings.

Go to “Home” on Blocser. Here you can see “My Personal Business Card”, click on the edit icon in the top right corner and choose an image from your camera roll or take a selfie.

Let other Blocsers find you more easily and put yourself on the map. Go to “the Blocser Map'' and pinpoint your location and click confirm. Congratulations! You are now among the first to appear on the Blocser map which increases your possibilities to be found by the right customers.

We will be happy to help you if you write to [email protected]