" Swipe Me on Blocser - They take no cut! "

Who loves blocser?

Freelancers, cross-border workers, artists and anyone who doesn't rely on a steady pay check from a full time job.

Our free app helps you:
Get better results in social media.
Find new customers. Make smarter deals. Get paid on time.

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It takes every kind of people to make the world go around...

Make people swipe you on Blocser and get into the new growing gig economy today.

What's new? - We take no cut!

With Blocser you get an independent and interactive business profile in the gig economy market. You receive a special butterfly link and that allows you to share all your skills and all your social media channels with 1 simple link. If you strike up some business somewhere you can close the deal with the Bloser app. The dealmaking tool makes your customers commit to the deal and pay you on time. In return they get a real receipt and the opportunity to give you a rating. Stuart building your reputation today with blocser :-)


A dedicated deal making tool so everyone remembers deadlines and gets ratings for their work. This helps us keep the marketplace clean and interesting.

An option to get in line for an account with a Prepaid Card that works in more than 30 million stores and 2.3 million ATM’s. The account lets you do private fee free person to person payments. Just what a gigster needs!

Gig Economy Necessities



Users will swipe your business card, its searchable and when you flip it you can scan the QR code and save it to your phone. The unique butterfly link allows you to share it everywhere online - if people dont use Blocser they will be sent to a dynamic microsite with your business card


When you make a deal on blocser you keep all the money - we take no cut! When the delivery is due we will remind you. The same goes when the payment is due. We will ask both of you to rate each other so you can build a reputation and we can bring out the best in all of us.

The Contract tool allows you to define:

  • Payment type Payment Type
  • Vat VAT or Not
  • Data Delivery Data
  • Date Payment Date


All you need is a Blocser username or a cell phone number then you can send and receive money - to any one anywhere in the world
Get a FREE Virtual Payment Card
  • FREE activation within the APP (we will release all cards in Q1 2020)

  • Instant Private Mobile Payments Peer2Peer

  • IBAN Number allows you to do bank transfers

  • Pay with it online everywhere they accept Mastercard

The Physical Card
  • Use it in +30 million shops and +2.3 million ATM’s worldwide

Meet Our Team

It all comes down to execution - if you want to create the best, you need the best people. At Blocser we aim for the best and involve people who have a proven track record of excellence within their field. We do not work for each other, we are Blocsers ourselves working from a place of passion - interlinked in respect, honesty and fair collaboration.

  • John
    John Lauritsen

    B2b Manager

  • Anne lihn
    Anne Lihn Thomsen

    Social Media Manager

  • Sean
    Sean Murphy

    Investor Relations Manager

  • Henrik

    Passionate digital business developer with 2 decades of experience in User Experience design, digital strategy and large service design and transformation projects.

  • Lars
    Lars Markussen

    Care Manager

  • Bo lennart
    Bo Lennert


  • Annemarie
    Annemarie Curry


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  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Wikkelsøe

    Knows SEO/SEM and social media marketing on a global scale. Former Portal Manager JUBII and Commercial Manager at simplesite.com

  • Volinka
    Volinka Augustenborg

    Senior Legal Advisor and expert advisor to the EEC on the use of blockchain technology in the energy sector

  • Claus
    Claus Skytte

    Gig economy expert in Denmark, author of 4 books on the topic

  • Sarid
    Sarid Harper

    IT Security expert with a specialty in securing financial systems

  • Kaspar
    Kaspar Bonde Eriksen

    Kaspar is a an experienced international investment professional with a degree (and continuous intellectual curiosity) in Politics and International Relations. This combination of skills and interests has led him to transit from the traditional investment banking and hedge fund industry to the disruptive and innovative appeal of Fintech. The hybrid area, where finance, decentralisation, disintermediation and democratization (enfranchised economics) comes together and creates the future for exchange, money and asset ownership.

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